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We present you the most important t-shirt of the 16th Cycling Tour of the SzeklerLand! The magic red jersey goes to the fastest cyclists and will be worn by the athlete with the best performance in all events. Look for the athlete wearing the red t-shirt among the competitors! He has certainly passed the time test!
The swift as the wind athletes, participants of the Szeklerland Cycling Tour, are sponsored by the Municipality of Miercurea Ciuc.  

 The red, white and green t-shirt has the same meaning, authority and challenge as its red brother. But this shirt can only belong to competitors with a Hungarian license. If you see an athlete riding a bike wearing the red t-shirt, you should know that that Hungarian cyclist has beaten the clock.
 Agroland will provide the red, white, and green jerseys for the Szeklerland Tour. The company cherishes fair play and teamwork above all else, and they support our event in the spirit of these values.

Despite popular opinion, not all cyclists need to be supple and light! For example, sprinters ride their bikes with massive, well-worked muscles and have one goal, to get the yellow jersey. The athlete who scores the most points in all the final sprint stages, respectively in the sprints during the stage, will get the well-deserved t-shirt!
The sprinters of this year’s edition of the Szeklerland Cycling Tour will be dressed in yellow by Ciuc Radler. The sponsor’s perseverance in the field of competitions is similar to that of athletes: Ciuc Radler has supported numerous cycling competitions and marathons!
Navy t-shirts are no easier to get than the red or tricolour ones. But only competitors with a Romanian license can compete for them. If you see a cyclist in a navy blue t-shirt, know that that Romanian athlete is not kidding when it comes to time trial racing.
The navy shirts for the Szeklerland Cycling Tour are provided by the company that has been supporting this competition since its very beginnings! The best Romanian cyclists can also be seen in this year’s competition wearing the colours of the Tușnad brand!

Mountain races are notoriously challenging for competitors, because it’s not enough to be physically prepared: you have to have good strategies in choosing your bike and equipment. The lighter the cyclist’s weight, the better their chances of getting the green jersey. This year’s sponsor of the mountain race in the Szeklerland Cycle Tour is Viastein, a manufacturer of premium quality paving stones, slabs and kerbs.

This year, the black jerseys go to the best in the U21 category. Competitors who have not yet turned 21, but have achieved the best time in their category, have every chance of getting this jersey! These athletes earn the respect and recognition of the young competitors! In this edition, the young cyclists are supported by DEPO, the largest warehouse and network of building material stores in Covasna county.